WOTN 2014

Last night the DJ saved my life I Owned The Night with Nike in Victoria park. It was a total last minute decision. I ran it last year (race recap here) but it left me with a bitter sweet after feeling due to some problems with the race organisation. However, with so many TNR girls running it and my man being away, I thought that running a 10K with my girlfriends was a fun thing to do so I just signed up for it (I know that you can probably think of a million other fun things to do on a Saturday night, but truly, this is fun for me).


Hats off to Nike, they’ve improved on sooooooo many aspects of the race compared tolast year: more starting pens, bigger festival area, very good bag drop (I didn’t wait to leave my bag nor to claim it back), nice t-shirts, music on the course, no congestion at the end of the course, nice little goodie bags and cute little necklace instead of a medal. That being said, I like my bling and would have loved a medal on top of the necklace (cheeky cheeky).

The race itself was a really good one for me. Until last week end and the race in Geneva, I had completely lost my love for running, hence why I still haven’t written my marathon race recap (I’m working on that). In Geneva, I ran 9.2 km in the country side with my friend Kiera  and the other TNR ladies and it was so amazing that I fell in love with running again. Yesterday, I wanted to push myself but also have fun and it’s exactly what happened.


I found out a couple of hours before the race that a friend of mine was running it. We managed to find each other after the warm up session and started together. She is fast and can actually start too quickly and I can have trouble keeping a regular pace on my own. So we made a deal: I would pace the first 5K so we wouldn’t start too fast and she would pace the 5K remaining to push us to a good time. We started with the 55 min pacer and made sure to stick with her for the first half of the race. At the 5K mark I turned to Marion and said “that’s it, 5K, you can go and I’ll try to follow you”. Wow, the gazelle was unleashed and I just followed her. It was definitely a bit uncomfortable but I KNOW that I can run 5K and I KNOW that it was uncomfortable but probably not as uncomfortable as the marathon. I say “probably” because I know that I was uncomfortable and in pain during the marathon but my body has forgotten, I wouldn’t be able to tell you how bad it was, I just knew yesterday that my pain was nowhere near that pain level of the marathon and that therefore I just had to suck it up and run.  And I did. And I pushed myself, crossing the finish line with a massive sprint.


I finished in 53:26! I shaved off over 4min from my previous time. Thank you, thank you Marion for pushing me, thank you Charlie, Lissie and Stef for carb loading with me (I litterally only ate carbs yesterday: a piece of banana bread my sister made before volunteering at the southwark parkrun, some pancakes, some cakes, a nu bar and two shot block…ahem steam veg for me today) and thank you my legs for getting me through yet another race and allowing me to run!


Bye for now xxx







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