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The problem when you don’t blog regularly is that you don’t really know how to start your next blog post.

Lets rewind to one of my second long run with the TNR girls back in February.


Photo by Leah

That run was though. It was the first “proper” long run and we endured all kinds of weather, from sun to hail.


Photo from Leah


Moments later in Greenwich park (photo from Leah)

My legs actually gave up 500m before the end and I fell. Scratched my knees and my right wrist started swelling quite badly. I then spent the afternoon in bed icing everything (thanks Gabi).

That makes me think that I never told you the story of the picture of my blog banner. 2 years ago, I fell (it happens a lot) on a half-marathon run prep. I was admiring the view and BAM. I actually hurt myself quite badly. I got up and took a picture of the view to literally remind myself that when life puts you down, you’ve got to pick yourself up. So the following week, when I passed my new falling spot, I took a picture of it.

Favourite place where to fall number 2

Favourite place where to fall number 2

We try to finish our long runs in a nice places for some yummy refuelling. I could forget about my painful wrist and knee by tucking into scrambled egg with homemade gravid lax and a smoothie from Del’Aziz.Brunch at Del'Aziz

The following week, I did a long run on my own where I ended up at the lab. Sadly, my cells were the ones to get fed however, I could fully enjoy the ice machine to ice my knees and shins once at the lab.

I like pink

I like pink


Ice ice baby

Then there was THE evening 18miler. Mamamia. I’ve decided that I don’t like evening long runs. The anticipation and stress built up all day. What to eat, what to where on the run. Carb loading at the office was fun too.


4 pm carb loading at the office

I couldn’t have done this run without the TNR girls. Our route consisted of two 9 miles loop along the river. Having a loop is tough. You think that you are finished but you aren’t…you need to go again. I also trialled some new glucose tablets on that run and they did not agree with me. I had stomach pain minutes after taking them. At least it was not on race day. To make things more difficult, I also ran with my backpack. I could really feel the extra weight towards the end but I was glad to have some dry clothes and my jacket to head home. We finished our run at wagamama where I had the chicken katsu curry.

I have to stop doing the "peace" sign

I have to stop doing the “peace” sign

number 71

number 71


The week after was a drop down for me, which was a nice break  before running…20 miles. The longest run of the training. Melissa had planned an awesome route for that one. 20mile map

I was not felling so confident after the 18 miler but this run really put my confidence back up. The route was super enjoyable, good weather and awesome company.


Photo by Melissa

I discovered shot blocks for energy and had no backpack. After 10 miles, I turned round to Melissa and said “Oh, I know why I feel better, I am not running with my backpack for once!”. Yes, it took 10 miles to realise that. Naive should be my middle name.

We finished the run in South Ken, at Muriel’s kitchen for….you guessed it, more food. I had meatballs, shared a salad with the girls and finished by an awesome orange and polenta cake.



Photo by Charlie

Photo by Charlie

Yesterday I ran 13 miles and ended up at a friend’s for brunch and a good catch up! That’s it for now! Two weeks to go, time to taper, stretch, sleep lots and keep eating a ton (I am defo going to miss that part after the marathon).


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