WIAW #9, RUNger and why you shouldn't eat before going food shopping

A bit late in the day but here is my WIAW of this week, focusing on Monday.

Soooo, you might have heard me talking about RUNger before (run-induced hunger) and monday was definitely one of these day where it was impossible to stop eating. At first I didn’t know why and then realised that I had a tough week of training behind me, and especially a long hilly run the day before. Now I don’t really predict which day is going to be a WIAW day. I just wake up and decide that it is going to be the day and that I will present it to you, “perfect” eating or not.

For breakfast I had a cup of tea, a power smoothie (strawberries, frozen tropical fruits, fromage blanc, orange juice and some turmeric and cinnamon for their anti-inflammatory properties) and some rye bread with almond butter and prune jam made by my lovely friend Claire <3


Not photographed but mid-morning I had a coffee and 4 biscuits. Ahem. My colleague came back from China and brought back tons of cookies and I had to try one of each.

For lunch I had some leftover butternut squash and broccoli, this salad from M&S and the nectarine. Apologies for the messy desk, I took the pictures before going to the lunch room.


I didn’t eat the yogurt nor the rice cakes in the end.

In the afternoon I had the Alpro yogurt I didn’t eat at lunch time, 1/2 a Quest bar and a few almonds.


Afterwork I went to the supermarket to pick up some diner and here is a reminder on why you shouldn’t go food shopping when hungry: you might go mental and buy stuff you absolutely don’t need. I picked up these crisps and some kinder chocolate, which I would never ever usually do. I ate the whole pack of crisps on my way home…


For diner we had an omelette, spelt and green beans.


For dessert we had a sort of Eton mess: fromage frais, strawberries and meringue.


Here was my day of RUNger eating, which I tried to keep balanced despite the massive cookies/crisps cravings.

Do you also “suffer” from RUNger during race training?

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