For today’s WIAW, lets focus on what I ate on Monday.

I pretended that it was still the weekend so for breakfast I had a black coffee and a fried egg on avocado and rye bread.


Seasoned with Herbes de Provence and paprika

For lunch I had my favourite sandwich: a sweet french mustard called Savora, goat cheese, smoked ham and lettuce. I had that with the rest of the avocado, a tomato, cucumber and a yogurt for dessert.


Isn’t my lunch box cute? Thanks Lissy, Harry and Charlie

Snacks during the day were 3 Daims in the morning, some almonds and a banana in the afternoon.20140625-115912-43152151.jpgFor dinner I had cod, mixed veg and mixed white and brown pasta.


For dessert, I really fancied some Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice-cream but I didn’t have any so I made my own “healthy cookie dough”.


At first I had it on its on, but then I added some Fromage Blanc (it’s French and almost like quark) and froze it for 30 min so it would be like ice-cream. I know that the pictures don’t make it look very appetising but it was yummy.


Can you guess what it is? I was inspired by the recipe of the one cake I baked this year….

This “healthy cookie dough” is amazing on it’s on, with yogurt but also with an apple for a yummy and filling snack. I will post the recipe for you soon. Do you have any recipes to make a naughty dessert into something healthy?

Check out my other WIAW posts until next time 🙂


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