For this week’s WIAW, we are looking back at what I ate last thursday.


Breakfast was granola with dry fruits, sunflower seeds, soya milk and a black coffee.


For lunch I had a sweet potato and some garden peas with some mini salmon and courgettes “egg muffins”, 3 oatcakes, a compote and a pear.


For diner I had cod, asparagus and some durum wheat, which I cooked with petit pois and courgettes.


For dessert, I made a milkshake with strawberries, fromage frais (it’s the french equivalent of greek yogurt, it’s a bit more runny though) and some strawberry flavoured whey protein.


Don’t worry, I had snacks as well. In the morning, I had some chocolate. It was given to me at the end of the Amsterdam WOTN race but at the time I was too focused on my frozen yogurt to eat it.  In the afternoon I had some almonds and prunes with green tea by higher leaving offered after my Blue Cow Yoga rooftop yoga session. I am seriously impressed by this green tea. It’s not too strong and I have really been enjoying my daily cup. Later on I had an ice-cream. We have a “cake policy” in the department so whenever people get caught without their lab coat or not turning off the microscope properly they have to bring cake/ice cream to redeem themselves. Last week we had cake everyday! The thing is, I don’t really crave these things but when it is in front of me, I just can’t say no. I need to work on that.


That’s it for now, catch up on my other WIAW posts until next week!



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