It seems that you enjoyed my WIAW post last week so here we go again for the second edition. Lets focus on what I ate yesterday, tuesday.


On top of focusing on eating more protein, I am trying to eat more fruits and veg. I surprisingly struggle to eat my 5 a day. Yesterday I started with a smoothie of 1/2 cumcumber with strawberries.


I then continued my breakfast with a cup of tea,  two toasts with butter and marmalade.


There is never enough butter on my toasts

Around 11h15 I snacked on some prunes and mixed nuts. This is one of my favourite combination.


Then for lunch I had some left overs meatballs Lawrence had cooked and some chickpeas. I did not have it with spaghetti  for lunch or I would need to take a nap in the afternoon to digest my pasta haha. I had that with a little lettuce and a yogurt. This blue little container is brilliant to transport vinaigrette.



I quickly went back to the lab to start and experiment and then had a coffee with 2.5 belvita biscuit.


Later on in the afternoon I had 0.5 Belvita biscuit and two clementines.


If any scientist reads this, I agree, my gel could have migrated a bit longer to separate the ladder better 😉

For dinner I had scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, spinach and baguette, one slice with bread and one slice with cambozola. If you like cheese, try this one, its is a brie and blue cheese hybrid, absolutely delicious. It’s in my top 5 (yes, I do have a cheese top 5 list).



For dessert, I had some ice-cream with a cup of peppermint tea as I knew that today was a double workout day (yoga in the morning, 10K run in the evening).



And that is all I ate on Tuesday! Looking back, I think that it could have been improved by having oats in the morning to avoid the double intake of bread and butter. I’ll put that one on carb loading for today’s race 😉



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