WIAW #14 Meal prep and ice-cream

WIAW What I Ate WednesdayHi

meal prep

It’s a bit late in the day but while emptying some pictures from my phone, I realised that I had planned on doing a WIAW blog post to here it is!

This is what I had last Tuesday. I started preparing the base of my daily eats the  night before. Meal prepping is a must during marathon training. overnight oat

Since I was going for an early morning run, I made some overnight oats with berries, which I topped with some almond butter in the morning.  I had 1/2 at home before I had to go to the office. I then had 1/4 as dessert and the rest later in the afternoon. Lunch was a couscous, lettuce, tomato and feta salad with a boiled egg.  During the day, I snacked on almonds, dried prunes and had a pear.

In the evening, I roasted a chicken, which I had with avocado, sweet potato fries and ratatouille. I then proceeded to eat chicken ALL WEEK long. I was good, super convenient,I don’t mind eating the same things over and over again because I like the food I cook but I now will take a 2 week break from eating chicken. 😉

Dessert was some cookie dough ice-cream from Haagen-Dazs. I looooooove ice cream. It’s one of the things I wrote in my very first blog post. The fact that I can spell Haagen-Dazs without double checking says a lot. I totally opened the cookie jar that evening with the ice-cream. I had some more the following day and on Sunday and that’s not counting the pizza on Friday and all the cakes in between. I have my final wedding dress fitting on Saturday. I bought it ages ago and haven’t tried it in over a year! Fingers crossed that it still fits!! In the mean time I have to stop using marathon training as an excuse to eat all these treats otherwise I will have to get married in Lycra (it actually sounds quite appealing).
roast chicken ratatouillecookie dough ice cream

Do you meal prep?

What’s your favourite Haagen-Dazs flavour? I am torn between cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake.


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