What's next?

It’s been one month to the day since I ran the Bristol Half Marathon (if you haven’t read my recap yet, you can do so here) and after some time off partly due to lack of motivation and partly due to an injury (I managed to slip on wet leaves on my way to Uni and gash my knee open), it’s time to think about my next goals. Signing up for a race is one of my favourite motivation tip when it come to running. I have chosen two races so far for my 2015 “season”.

Δ The London Winter Run (10K)

I really like the 10K distance but most importantly, this will be my last race with the beautiful Leah, probably followed by brunch, because that is how we rock. The good news is that I have a discount code for you if you would like to join!



Δ The Bath 1/2 marathon

It’s just one month later and I keep hearing that Bath is absolutely beautiful. Considering how much I loved the Bristol 1/2 marathon, I think this will be an amazing race!


What’s in the mean time?

In the mean time, I am going to focus on strength training with Becky from onesixeight:fitness who has designed a strength training programme suited for my running goals.

I am also going to keep casually running around Bristol in the lovely company of Claire and Steph whenever she comes to visit. I am yet to try the Ashton court parkrun so this is on my project list, as well as runs with the Sweaty Betty run club. Unfortunately this latter doesn’t fit my timetable as well but I had a lot of fun the time I went. I think I will start “proper” race training as from the 10/11.

What are your next goals?




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