Vitality Run Hackney- Week 2 of training

Hill Killer Girls Run Hackney training half marathon

With the Hill Killer Girls. We do not need a head torch anymore during our early morning runs!


Week 2 of the Vitality Run Hackney was not a good one due to my lack of judgement on how long some Uni task would take me or by choosing friends over the gym (which is must needed some times). Anyway, here is what I did.

Week 2 (23-29th March)

  • Monday: Arms and abs workout
  • Tuesday: Was supposed to do some yoga but had a glass of wine and a good chat with some girls on my course. The outcome was the same I must say, I had a relaxing evening.
  • Wednesday: Was supposed to run but focused on finishing my essay. Then went to a neuro revision session before catching up with Cazr.
  • Thursday: Was supposed to be leg day but then got caught up in uni work and packing for the Easter break
  • Friday: Morning run with the Hill Killer Girls and honorary member James. We ended up running 8.4km.
  • Saturday: Should have been a park run but was so tired that I stayed in bed and then was too busy to go for a run.
  • Sunday: Planed rest day to travel to France.

Organisation is really the key to fit it all in. If I plan my day well, it’s ok, if not, the plan goes AWOL and it’s a big mess. Same with eating.

Oh well, there is always another week to get the training right.

How was your week of training?

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