Vitality Run Hackney- Training week 4

Spring London Running Park

Spring is here 🙂


I’m too busy with revisions to keep up with the blog properly but here is how week 4 of training for the Vitality Run Hackney went.

Week 4 (6-12/4)

  • Monday-Wednesday: The problem when you are running on adrenaline is that there is always a point when you crash and I reached this crashing point. I had a proper cold and just stayed indoor, venturing out for the odd walk outside.
  • Thursday: After not leaving the house since Tuesday, I thought I’d attempt a run. It was so tough, I had to cut it short and stop/walk a couple of times. My body was in proper slow motion like at the end of the Paris MarathonBut at least I got to see the pretty flowers pictured above.
  • Friday-saturday: Well that run wiped me out so I was back to alternating between my bed and my desk for my revisions. So-much-fun.
  • Sunday: After another day spent indoor (yay). The only I went outside to do 30 min of yoga via Pactster. I randomly chose the “Detox” one and it was really good with lots of twists and the perfect stretches for someone sitting at a desk all day.

Right, I know that I can run the half-marathon distance, and this race will be about running happy and not time, but I am getting slightly anxious that I need to up my game a little. On the plus side, it was better to be ill now and not during exams. It’s all about positive thinking right?

Have you already felt unprepared for a race? How did it go in the end?


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