Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon -Training week 3

Vitality Run Hackney Training London Tower Bridge

Can’t get bored of that view


I was in France for week 3 of my Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon training. It is possible to keep training while on travelling, check out some of the tips that I published last year on that topic.

Week 3 (30/3-5/4)

  • Monday: Leg day with loads of squats and lunges followed by some core work: 3x 1 min plank, 30 sec side plank (each side) and 30 sec press-ups. I still cannot do a full press up, I challenge myself to manage to do at least one by my birthday in June.
  • Tuesday: 25 min Yoga. Aaah, this was very welcome, I really need to keep up with the yoga to get a good stretch. Followed by 1min plan and 10 press ups (on my knees)
  • Wednesday: Rest day
  • Thursday: Running speed session. 1.3K warm up, 3 x 600 min sprint followed by 600 min recovery, cool down. Total of 5.1K followed by 1 min plank.
  • Friday:  nothing. Lets just says that I was supposed to arrive home on thursday night but only got there on friday morning due to a delayed flight.
  • Saturday: Does eating all day count? Because I was at a wedding and that’s pretty much what I did.
  • Sunday: I was feeling run down from the say before and couldn’t be bothered to go running so I did an abs and core workout at home.

Not too bad but could have done with the extra running session.

Any tips to get better at doing press-ups?

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