Vitality North London Half Marathon – race recap part 1

Wembley stadium North London half marathon 2016


I am so happy! I just finished my Pathology and Ethics module and my holidays just started too, so  I can relax a little and catch up on life admin! I’m also on a mega high from the Vitality North London half marathon that I run the last weekend. I cannot remember having so much fun racing since my first ever half marathon a couple of years ago! I’ve come a long way round since last year where I was obsessed with getting a sub-2h half marathon and was mega disappointed after each race when not reaching this goal. I basically became completely unappreciative of the distance and not proud of my achievements. My goal for this race was to build my endurance back to the half-marathon distance and I did just that. 

A couple of weeks prior to the North London Half marathon, I discovered that my friend Max was going to run it too. This made me so happy. Last year, he took part in my couch to 5K training programme for medical students, and this year he is training for the London marathon! How bloody amazing. It was his first race and his first time tackling this distance so we agreed to run the race together. However, I had to tell Max that I would not be able to pace him and that it was OK if he had to go ahead at some point as I did not know how well my body would cope. 

Indeed, after my “off-season” where I focused on becoming a strong runner, I embarked on a 8 weeks training programme for the North London Half. I had the best intentions  on blogging about my training weekly but only managed to blog about week 1. My training did not go to plan at all due to an injury that I could feel coming, for which I decided to stop running and wait for it to settle, followed by a sprained ankle, for which I had to take more time off running!! I wish that I had documented my training because I managed my injuries well and ran the race and recovered absolutely fine. I am not going to lie, I was a bit worried before race day, but not about my race time,  I was just not sure how well my body would handle the distance and I did not want to injure myself further. 

I knew that mental strength is important when racing but last Sunday confirmed it. Focusing on getting Max to the finish line was amazing. We did loose each other at some point and one of my main thought was “well, it’s only be and my head now, this is not as fun”. I have achieved all of my PBs when paced by someone (whether they know it or not, sometimes I just follow someone lol) and it’s when I am just not over thinking what I am doing. This is something that I want to work on for my next race, the Vitality Hackney Half marathon. 

Right, this introduction took much longer than anticipated, I guess that I am happy to chat to you guys after such a long time. My train is coming into London so I will go into more details about the actual race in a separate post 🙂

How do you manage your injuries while race-training?

Do you like being paced by someone when racing?

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