Two words

Shin splint.

Two words I had hoped to never pronounce during this marathon training. I have no idea what happened between  last week end where I completed my last long run (13 miles) and today. I took it easy on the run, took some breaks, had plenty of energy gels and water, and yet…

I guess that I did not recover properly. There is this second wave of flu going on lately and just everybody around me has been ill. I have been fighting it off for 10 days already. I felt fine but guess that I was not completely fine as I have been coughing a little. On tuesday I went to the gym for my speed work session and it was just impossible to run. I had to cut it short. The irony is that I felt so fine that day  that I had cancelled my sports massage in the morning. Luckily I was able to book an appointment with my physio for the following day.

The bottom line is that it’s quite inflamed, we don’t want this to develop into a stress fracture and I have to rest. No more running until Sunday where I can go for a short run and see how I feel.



I have the feeling to be having an out of body experience. I mean, this cannot be happening to ME? Not at 10 days of the marathon. Not when I did not get a single blister during the training. I invite you to read Leah’s post on the emotions of an injured runner. I have been fortunate not to be injured as long as Leah but I am already loosing it.

So in the mean time, I RICE (rest+ice) (good job we have the ice machine at the lab), take turmeric supplements, a natural anti-inflammatory and….wear my ugly trainers to work. Now, I like copying Leah for a lot of things. Signing up for a marathon, getting injured and having the same trainers 😉 These babies are, hummmm, challenging to style. Upon leaving the house yesterday, my other-half raised his eyebrows and said “Are you taking another pair of shoes with you?”


IMG_1985Come oooooooon. They are not THAT bad. Here is how I have styled them these past two days.

IMG_1990Note the pink scarf and the pink bag to coordinate with the pink sole. I also made sure to have great hair volume to distract people and prevent them from looking at my shoes. Unfortunately you cannot appreciate my hair volume as this picture was taken at the end of the day. However you might notice my great balance.

And today’s outfit:

IMG_1995Grey jumper, pink scarf and pink necklace to match my sexy shoes.

Sarcastic much?



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