Travel essentials for a fit and relaxing weekend

Travel essentials for a fit and relaxing weekend


Long time no see! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that it’s been all about med school lately. This Bank Holiday weekend could not have come at a better time, I really need a weekend to re-center myself before another very long 1.5 month filled with revisions and exams. 

During Easter weekend, I managed to completely relax in Provence with my family. I am going to Cornwall this time and on top of eating all the delicious Cornish specialties (hello clotted cream, pasties, ice cream and fish and chips). I am guilty of forgetting of taking time for myself during term times, just focusing on work, but with just a few travel essentials, I know that this break will be relaxing. So here is what I intend to take with me. 

Travel essentials for a fit and relaxing weekend 

A running outfit

I have convinced L. to bring his too (I am slowly but surely making a runner out of him) so we can work up an appetite to try all the food items described above. My favourite running leggings are my Lululemon ones. I wear them ALL the time, these have been a great investment. 

lululemon leggings pocket women running

My phone and headphones 

I know, I should probably be on a digital detox and not take my phone with me but when I am on holiday, I love taking the time to catch up with all my favourite podcasts and take the time to meditate with the Headspace app! At some point I was meditating every morning for 10min and I hope to kick-start this habit again this weekend. 

An elastic band

I need to work on my running form and notably sort out my weak gluteus medius. One exercise for that is the pilates “clam” exercise, which I do with a resistance band for a little bit more challenge. An elastic band really takes no space in a travel bag and is really versatile. 

A colouring book

Don’t laugh, colouring is really relaxing! I got into it last year as I had an Anatomy Coloring Book and I could spend hours colouring it while learning my anatomy. Since then, I have invested in a colouring book with guided meditation  so I can enjoy the relaxing aspect of colouring without having to think about medicine! Don’t forget to take your colouring pencils . I have 24 colours and I still don’t find that enough. 

colouring book adult meditation

So there you have my travel essentials for a fit and relaxing weekend away! As you might have guessed, I am guilty of the “I don’t have time” excuse while all of these don’t take much time to do. So cheers to the Bank Holiday for reminding me that it’s ok to unwind. 

What would you take with you for a fit and relaxing weekend? For more ideas check out this post.

Many thanks to HomeAway for providing me with the illustration above. The links to my travel essentials are affiliate links. 

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