Top Exercises to Build Your Runner Body

Top Exercises to Build Your Runner Body


I owe you a running update. Running had to take a back sit due to injury. A baby injury, and I decided to stop running on it immediately in order to stop it from becoming something more serious. What I did in the mean time was try to keep up with my strength training. This is what seems to work best for me in order to be a strong runner. Amy, an Australian PT could not have contacted me at a better timing for a blog collaboration. I asked her to share with us some of the top exercises she thinks runners should integrate into their cross workout routine. 

Top Exercises to Build Your Runner Body

Before you start sprinting, it is important to warm up your muscles and prepare your body. There are some exercises that target every muscle that runner’s need for both strength and balance. Of course, these exercises need to be done in a proper manner. Firstly, they need to be done in a correct order, with every exercise lasting for about 1 minute each. When the exercise requires using both sides (left and right) split the timing and do every side for 30 seconds. What is also very important is to maintain your form while exercising, so you would get the most out of it. It is a good idea to write down your reps, so you would be able to monitor your progress. And in the end, if you wish to intensify your workout, repeat all these exercises in order for a maximum of three times. And now, let’s get down to business:

  1. Inchworm Plank


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This exercise is designed to help you warm up your muscles and improve your strength and flexibility. First you need to stand straight and raise your hands above your head. After that, fold down with your fingers reaching your toes. Now (without bending your knees) walk into a plank position. When you have reached this position, do one push-up and walk your hands back to your toes and into the first position.

  1. Scorpion Fighter


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For this exercise you will need a bench or a chair. Its purpose is to work your core, shoulders, obliques and hips. You start from a push-up position with your toes up on the chair. The next step is to bend your left knee, below your body and towards your right shoulder. When you have done this, it is time to switch the direction and point your left knee back, rotating your hips in the process in the same direction, and pointing your foot to your right shoulder. Do this for about 30 seconds and then switch legs.

  1. Plank Rotations


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A simple plank position aimed to work your shoulders and especially your core. Starting from a forearm plank position, you rotate your body to one side with your hand on your hip. Your other elbow should be directly below your shoulder. Try to maintain good form, firm legs and a straight spine. Rotate to the centre, switch sides and repeat.

  1. Single Leg Deadlift


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Just like the marching bridge exercise, single leg deadlift also focuses on your glutes, core and hamstrings, but improves your stability and balance in the process. You start standing up and keeping your back straight. The goal is to bend your body, lifting your leg to be in the line with your spine and reaching your hands to the floor. After you have done this, you return to the starting position, repeat for 30 seconds and then switch legs. I recommend wearing quality gym clothes, not only for performing these exercises but for running as well, workouts.

Implementing these few exercises into your regular runner routine can greatly maximize your training. Not only will it help you warm up for your run, but it will also do wonders for different muscle groups and actually improve your abilities. Just remember, in order to prevent injuries and to get the most out of it, carefully read the instructions, invest in good gear and do not push yourself.

About the author


Amy Mia Goldsmith is a biology graduate from Melbourne and a personal trainer. She is an editor at fitness blog and has a a degree in nutrition. Her goal is to teach people to live a healthy, happy life. You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.

Thank you Amy for all these great exercises to build a strong runner body 🙂

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What are your favourite exercises to build your runner body? 

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