The running mojo is back!

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L. is currently in Santa Barbara, it looks gorgeous.


As you might have guessed from my latest posts, I was not enjoying running that much lately. From feeling that I was not getting faster to trying to find a way to making my training work for me, forgetting about why I run and comparing myself to others too much or absolutely not enjoying the Bath Half marathon at all, it’s safe to say that I needed and break. I was really upset after the Bath Half. Not so much about the time (2h05) as this race was not supposed to be about time. During my training, I tried really hard to work on my feelings and forget about the time, focus on the fun. And in the end, I didn’t even have fun. That’s why I was so upset.

So I took a break.

In 10 days, I only ran twice with B.U.M.S on the runthe running group I created 6 weeks ago. And what a joy. What a pleasure to share my passion for running with them, give them confidence to achieve their goal. 6 weeks ago, we started the beginners on a run/walk programme. 6 weeks ago, they could only run for 2 mins before having to take a break. Tonight, they ran 4K! Next week’s 5K will be a breeze! I am such a proud mama, I could have cried of joy. I also ran with the intermediate group on a pacing exercise and again, they have all improved and smashed their times. The joy on their face was priceless.

And just like that, I ran 11K tonight. Just like that, I texted the Hill Killer Girls to go for a run on Friday 6.30am. Just like that, the running mojo is back!  *insert bicep curl emoji*

Do you need to take a break from running sometimes? How do you get your running mojo back?


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