The beginning of my running journey

My running journey to running coach

I have been thinking a lot about my running journey lately. The running mojo is something that can easily come and go. Although I have not taken a complete break from running, I definitely decreased the amount of running training I do, races I take part in, and certainly did not blog as much about running lately. Part of it was because I did not have a goal, but also because I have really been enjoying my current cross-training. 

A few weekends ago, I signed up to a race and started running again. Hopefully I will keep running for fun despite race training, something that I have found difficult in the past. Then, I got the news that I validated my UK athletic Coach in Running fitness qualification. I couldn’t be more excited. It made me realise that I have really come a long way in terms of running and I thought that I would share my running journey with you. 

The beginning of my running journey

11-18 year old: 

In France, sports are an important part of the school curriculum and I would always chose athletics whenever possible. I absolutely loved relay and sprinting. 

15-18 year old:

I was in boarding school and on top of school sports, I started running every Wednesday afternoon with my dear friend Jess. We would gradually increase the distance. Thats when I discovered that running was a great way to release stress. 

18-22 year old:

I moved to Surrey, England for uni. I discovered the gym for the first time and just went to pilates, Zumba, step and all the other classics. I was not really running at that point as I did not have a running buddy and was scared to run on my own in the countryside. I met Lawrence in my final year of Uni. He is an awesome guitarist and was in a band (still is) that was playing in pubs etc. I remember saying to him how much I envied him for having a hobby that he enjoyed and that he was so good at. 

Sidenote: See, I had quite a few hobbies growing up, but I lacked the discipline to tough up and do the training even if it wasn’t fun. So I gave up quite a few hobbies after a while. And yes mum, you were right, I deeply regret stopping playing the piano. 

So when I told Lawrence that I wanted a hobby, he suggested that I put a bit more effort into my running. And I did. Little did I know the journey that was ahead of me… 


How did you start running?

Did you enjoy running from a young age?

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