{Sunday pamper} Pre-wedding skincare

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Good light does wonder


I managed to have really good skin back in June and when I had my bridal makeup trial, opted then not to use any foundation for my wedding makeup, just a bit of powder on the T-zone. However, my skin is a bit more “bumpy” lately… With the D-day in less than a month, and absolutely no time to have another trial and find a foundation, I have come up with 10  skincare “rules” to sort things out.

1. Interdiction to try new products in case I have a bad reaction to them

2. Make sure I take my makeup off before exercising

3. Do regular face masks and exfoliation

4. Keep my lips moisturised

5. Make sure I wear suncream

6. Keep my hands off my face

7. Not overdo it on the eyebrow tweezing

8. (Technically not skincare) Do regular hair masks

9. SLEEP MORE. My dark circle cannot be hidden at the moment

10. Tone down the icecream addiction and other junk food. My thighs will keep the junk food secret but my face can tell you exactly what I’ve been eating!

Pretty straightforward, don’t you think? I believe that going to bed early will be my biggest challenge but I will try!

Please share your pre-wedding/big event skincare tips with me!


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