{Sunday Pamper} Dr. Organic Manuka Honey Face Mask

Dr. Organic Manuka Honey Face Mask Hi

This weekend is the absolute opposite from last one. There is no running involved but some mega much needed relaxation. Today’s programme has so far included breakfast in bed courtesy of the husband, a mega pamper session and I am now on my way to have a Sunday roast before chilling with my mum and sis later. 

My pamper session included using this Dr. Organic Manuka Honey Face Mask, which I absolutely adore. It is a Kaolin clay-based masked, which is great to help purify the skin, and also contains aloe vera and Manuka honey extracts to help nourish your skin as well. It has a divine honey smell and on top of it i, it is organic.

This is not something that I have extensively mentioned on the blog yet but I am actually quite conscious of “going green”, using organic products when I can and try to do my bit for the environment. I am also progressively making the switch in my beauty routine. I am not going to use organic products just for the sake of it either, but if a product does a great job and on top of it do not contain things like mineral oil or parabens, I will go “green”. This product is definitely one to make the switch for.

Do you use organic products in your skincare routine?


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