Strength and conditioning routine for runners

strength and conditioning for runners

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll see that slowly but surely, I am back to running. The reason I stopped in the first place back in February was due to knee pain while training for the Manchester marathon. I am trying to learn from my mistake by adding some more strength and conditioning into my weekly workout routine. My core is one of my weakest area so this particular strength and conditioning routine focuses on just that.

Strength and conditioning routine for runners 

1K run slow pace

2K rowing, max resistance

Circuit with 45sec work and 15sec rest
1. Bird dog (video)
2. Plank (video)
3. Side plank (left) (video)
4. Side plank (right)
5. Lying hip abduction (left) (video)
6. Lying hip abduction (right)
7. Arlaud movement (video)
8. Bicycle abs (video)
9. Glute bridges (video)
10. Russian twist with weights (video)

Repeat the circuit twice

Stretch and foam roll to finish!

You can do these exercises from home by doing the circuit 3 times instead of twice. I have included videos to demonstrate the exercises. If something does not make sense, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Runners can greatly benefit from a strong core. Maintaining a good posture enables you to run more efficiently and breath properly. If you have a running coach, ask them to analyze your gait to give you more exercises specific to your weaknesses. If you do not have a running coach, well you will soon be able to hiring me as I am looking at taking on more athletes to train!

How often do you do strength and conditioning exercises? 

Photo credit: Erik Lundqvist


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