Speedflex London review

Speedflex London review


Can you believe that it’s September already? With a new month comes new challenges and I have just the one for you to kickstart your Autumn fitness routine, I name Speedflex. 

What is Speedflex? 

First things first, what is Speedflex ? Speedflex is an innovative way of working out using HIIT principles and “free-motion equipment” that focus on concentric muscle loading, meaning that there should be less muscle tearing and therefore reduced DOMS. The machines use your own body weight. The advantage is that you really get out of your workout what you put in and in a class, it makes changing between machines and exercises very easy as you do not have to change weights (if you are a body pump fan, you know that the worst part of the class is having to change weights between tracks). 

My experience

I got offered a free trial session at their London studio. At the time, the studio was a little bit difficult to find as the area had many construction going on nearby. I would recommend you to give yourself a bit of extra time before going there the first time.

The induction 

I had an induction prior to my first session to get familiar with the Speedflex concept.  There, I first had my measurements such as muscle mass and body fat taken so I could track my progresses. Unfortunately there was no real time to discuss what these measures meant and what my goals and training should be in order to see any changes and I was not given my assessment results. I think that a bit more time should be spent on this part of the induction, as being left with a bunch of numbers and not knowing what to do with them, or decide to reach specific numbers can be a bit unhealthy. The second part of the induction was a tutorial on how to get on with the machine and a Speedflex workout. Basically it was a l round of HIIT where your recovery time was changing machine 

The session

At the time of my trial, Speedflex was trying an innovative concept where you could join and leave a session at any time.  The session is one big HIIT circuit subdivided in several mini circuits of 3 exercises. You might have to wait a couple of minutes for people to leave in order to join but all in all I didn’t have to wait long. 

I stayed about 40min to go round all the stations and overall had an all body workout. When you do your mini circuits of 3 exercises you workout with 2 other people and I found that it was a very friendly and encouraging environment where we would encourage each other not  to give up. 



Outfit: Myprotein capris and bra, Nike top.

The positives 

HIIT is a great form of training where you can stay fit in a minimum of time.  I stayed 40min but frankly you really don’t have to stay that long to get a good workout.  The fact that the machines adapt to your input makes it a very effective way to make a universal circuit, as you don’t have to change weights between different people. I indeed had minimal DOMS while really trying to give it my all, which I was surprised by (unlike my EMS experience where I couldn’t walk properly for 2 days after). You are provided with a heart rate monitor so you can check your performance on the screen and use this as motivation to push yourself.

The ‘drop in’ concept has its pros and cons. If you are stuck in a meeting and running late, you can still get your lunch workout in and don’t have to cancel your session.  The changing room and shower facilities were very spacious and I always appreciate when towels are provided: one less thing to carry around. 


The negative 

Following up the last point above, if you are in a rush and come for your session but then have to wait around to join in, this defeats the point a little. Also, since you can join a session at any point, I feel that it is lacking a proper warm up and cool down session, which are key to prevent injury. One could argue that you could warm up and stretch on your own but there wasn’t much space to do so. 


Although I really liked my session, I like variety in my training and I think that I could get bored of this very quickly. That being said, I overheard two ladies chatting in the changing room and spoke to another French girl there and all three mentioned how “addicted” they were to Speedflex. There are many different session types So really, it is up to personal preference, in the same way that I love running and some people don’t. 

Have you tried Speedflex before ? If not, you can book your free session here.

Do you like HIIT training?

I was given access to a free Speedflex session but all opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link. 

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