Sole performance socks

When it comes to running, one of my first advice is to invest in some good running gear. Sure, you can pretty much run in anything, but to me good sports clothes do make a difference.

They make me feel good about myself
I do like a crazy pattern leggings as seen here.

They motivate me to workout
One of my motivation advice is to just get into your workout gear for some extra motivation. If I do this, I usually find it silly to change back to my “civil clothes” without having worked out.

They increase my performance
Technical T-shirts really make a run more comfortable and technical clothes in general can help you avoid chaffing. I wear specifics bras/tshirt/trousers for running, so why on earth haven’t I thought of investing in running socks before?

Of course I’ve seen performance socks in stores but I never believed they could make a difference and decided to save my pennies and not get them. Prior to the Paris marathon, Leah made us an awesome packing list spreadsheet and of course technical socks were on it. I had a little laugh thinking that I don’t understand what the big fuss is all about. Let me tell you, I wasn’t laughing after the marathon when my feet had blisters and my toenail went blue.


I was lucky to receive some Sole technical socks to trial AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE. They are designed with no seam, a dual layer to avoid rubbing and chafing are just sooooo smooth and soft. The socks perfectly stay in place thanks to an elasticised arch band and anatomical left/right fit. It’s been warm this summer and with perspiration, you are more likely to get blisters (I would like to believe that I am a princess that never gets sweaty feet, but unfortunately that’s not the case).

sole socks

The funny thing is that as I was reviewing the socks I would be thinking at the end of my run “oh, how are my feet, I forgot to think about them”. That’s the point!!!! You can forget about your feet and just enjoy your long run.

Do you wear specific socks for running?


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