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Keep it simpELLE PT Elle Linton


Elle is a personal trainer who spends her days in Lycra (the dream!!!!) and I was very curious to see what was in her gym bag. Elle kindly agreed to reveal it all to us. 

“I basically live in lycra; working in health and fitness means that I need my kit to take me through a working day and then allow me to hit up my class of choice and maybe even a few drinks after my workout. I’ve picked out a few of my gym bag essentials to share with you here… the things that make my day run smoothly!


Elle’s BAG

For me this is the most important component of my kit as it has to carry every single thing I need for the entire day. Food, equipment, laptop, change of clothes… I prefer it to fit in one bag! I like my bag to have plenty of compartments with a design that’s well thought out for those of us who choose to be active; for example I’ve been the victim of a spilt water bottle when there was no pocket for it. I also like my bag to look good. It doesn’t need to scream to everyone that I’m “off to the gym!”. On the days that I have lots of heavy stuff I’ll go for a rucksack but otherwise it’s currently my lululemon Two Times A Yogi Bag.
Lululemon two times a yogi bag


Elle’s KIT

Sports Bra 
I have quite the sports bra collection; something for running, gym, crossfit, yoga… In fact, I only wear sports bras! So I have a range of supports depending on what activity I am doing. I like to run in the lululemon run stuff your bra; workout in the Shock Absorber Active Multi-Sports Support Bra
and dress up in the lululemon free to be wild! Your sports bra is one of the most important pieces of kit no matter what chest size you have. Short term it comes down to comfort but the long term benefits are invaluable. 
As with sports bras, I have different shoes for different activities. to teach and train in the gym / doing HIIT, I LOVE the NIKE Free 5.0 TR Fit 5. They’re made for multidirectional movement so support you when you’re jumping, moving forwards, sideways or even backwards. I have the Reebok Crossfit Nano
for when I hit up Crossfit classes or am doing resistance work in the gym, and then a pair of Brooks Ghost 8 for running. I like my running shoes to be well cushioned with a neutral support to get me through half marathon training. 
Elle Linton PT


Gymboss Timer 
My Gymboss Interval Timer goes everywhere with me; I use it to teach (so no-one has to endure pretend timings!) and I use it to train (for example when completing the Kayla Itsines BBG workouts with sections which are 7 minutes long. I’ve had this same one for years now and I’ve not yet even had to change the battery! It’s been dropped and knocked as well as having survived teaching in the great outdoors (in all weathers) for that time! 
BRITA Fill&Go 
BRITA has always had a place in my home since I lived with my mum. Since January 2014 though the Brita Fill and Go bottle has been in my gym bag every single day. It saves me from buying bottled water and gives me peace of mind when drinking tap water. We all know we should keep hydrated throughout the day so having a bottle handy helps to work towards the daily goal of 8 cups of H20 per day! 


Nakd Bars 

I don’t go anywhere without food; I seem to have an innate fear of starving to death so I carry food everywhere with me. During my first Whole30 in 2014 I discovered Nakd bars. I only eat the ones made with fruit and nuts though as they are compliant with Whole30. Even when I’m not doing a Whole30 I continue to stick to that and keep one handy for pre workout (to stave off hunger) or post workout (to get me home / somewhere where I can eat something sensible!).” 

Ell Linton PT gym kit lululemon

Thank  you SO MUCH Elle for sharing your kit essentials with us. I’ve been thinking for a while that I should have different trainers for running and going to the gym and you have convinced me that it would be a good idea for me too. You have also convinced me to stay away from the new lululemon store opening in London as I love ALL THEIR STUFF!

Do you wear different trainers for different fitness activities?

What’s your lululemon favourite piece of kit?

What’s your Nakd bar favourite flavour? Mine is cherry bakewell

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