See you next weekend


Exam week has arrived and although I have some drafted post, I will not have time to publish them this week. I hope that you will bear with me and come back next weekend! Here is what you can expect once exams are over:

  • Some lovely music by Charlie to add to you London Marathon playlist
  • Week 5 of training for the Vitality Hackney Half Marathon (check out how the first 4 weeks went here).
  •  We will discuss healthy eating. Charlie beat me to eat and posted a great article about it, which I invite you to read.
  • A guest manicure for the Sunday Pamper serie (by the way, I still have Wotsits fingers)
  • I also invite you to listen to One for the Road, a great podcast by my friends Lissy and Harry about running, and the rest of your life. You might recognise a French accent talking about running, croissant and crepes in episode 3 😉

In the mean time, you can find me on Instagram (have a look at my new beautiful trainers) and twitter.

See you next week ?


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