Running tip #13

I got a very good comment from Tim from yesterday (I am already loving blogging and exchanging tips with you guys). He made a very good point that posture is very important for runners. So here is my running tip for beginners #13: Check your posture. See below:

You forgot the most important tip for new runners. Proper form. Staring out with bad form will make people form bad habits, and at some point injure themselves. This usually leads to quitting. New runners out there, PLEASE do your research on proper form. Your body will thank you for it.

  • peachylau says:

    You are so right! I used to have my elbows always sticking out until a random grandpa shouted at me “tuck your elbows” when I was out on a run! haha.
    Do you suggest going for a gait analysis?

    • A gait analysis will help if you are a heel-striker. Most people are, but that’s the most abusive way to run and a great way to ruin your joints. I would focus on short but fast strides, striking midfoot, slight forward lean (from the ankles, not the back), and good posture. That’s the key to healthy running. Once I focused more on good healthy form, the sky was the limit. Good form is my #1 tip when people ask me how I can run ultramarathons and not completely destroy my body.


      Have you had a gait analysis done? No

      Are you a heel-striker? Yes so I should work on that to improve my 1/2 marathon time.

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