Perfection is a form of procrastination

how to stop procrastination


I would like to talk about procrastination today. I procrastinate a lot. I don’t completely know why, what I am trying to avoid, but I am sure getting bored of it and making things a bit harder for myself.

In order to address this, I have started using my passion planner a lot more. I try to schedule in my lectures, study times, breaks and workouts. I also try to reflect on how my day went, whether I have achieved what I had set myself to do or not.

So far, it’s helped me to prioritise my studying a lot. However when it comes to my workouts, I seem to have become rather inflexible in the sense that if all the conditions I had set for myself are not reunited, then I will blow it off all together instead of adapting it. I’ve been doing this with my speed training session this week. I mean running for 30min however slow or fast instead of X interval training would still be good for me, wouldn’t it?

At the moment I do not have access to a gym nor a track, nor my Swiss ball which is still in London. I also don’t like the idea of jumping up and down in my new flatshare in case I wake the neighbours up or simply go though the ceiling. I often have less than 1h to get my workout done and end up thinking that there is no point. See how easily I come up with all these reasons as to why I surely cannot do my workout because all the “perfect” conditions are not reunited? This is not being a perfectionist, this is pure procrastination.

My anti-procrastination tips

*** I have identified at the beginning of the term that there is no point in me trying to do some work in the evenings. I just cannot focus. However I am not too bad in the mornings or lunch breaks so I have been doing that. I normally prefer to work out in the mornings but I perhaps need to switch things around and just embrace the fact that I will not study in the evenings and instead do my workout out then.  So my tip one is to “eat the frog”. Do the thing you want to do the least first thing in your day and then you will not have to stress about it anymore. 

*** My second tip, which I need to remind myself is to let’s let go of “perfect” and go for “balance” instead. 15min of yoga is better than nothing. 5 min of foam rolling is better than nothing. A little is better than nothing. I might get that tattooed next week (Mum, I am not literally getting this tattooed next week).

*** Third tip is to try meditation. I have been starting my day with 10min of Headspace  and it seems to really make a difference. I did not do it this morning and this was not my most productive day, hence the idea to write this post. 

*** Fourth tip is to get some sleep. Lawrence got up at 4.20am this morning and urgh, I have just been sleepy and useless all day. 

Two videos have really helped me to be more proactive. The first one is  from Tony Robbins, which for some reasons appears very small on my blog, and the video below from David Allen and his method for productivity. His step one consists of writing down everything that you are thinking about and want to do and I guess that this is what I have been doing in my passion planner. 


Is perfection also one of your form of procrastination?


  • I’m a terrible procrastinator too, I can’t get myself to study at all right now, I just seem to avoid doing it in the free time I have. I have an exam in less than 4 weeks, so I need to get my butt in gear and stop putting it off! I’m just getting back into meditation too and trying to make it a daily habit again, I think it helps set the tone for the day.

  • I once went to a seminar about procrastination and a good tip I heard was to “swallow the frog”. The idea is that you do the #1 thing you’re dreading that day first thing so that you don’t procrastinate all day with it. I try to do that but other times end I’m still bad about putting off some dreaded task all day.

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