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I have recently spent two consecutive weekends with Steph, one running the Bristol to Bath marathon, and one amongst friends. The inevitable question of how we met came up and the answer is Blogging/Twitter/Running. If it wasn’t for social media, I would not have made a new group of running friends, the  Hill Killer Girls when moving to Bristol. 

Med school is busy, you know that. However, I *try* to squeeze it all as best as I hopefully giving you my tips on how I manage med school, running and blogging can inspire you. 

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CoSchedule is a great way for me to keep my blogging and social media on track on my limited time schedule. It is an online editorial calendar, which was recommended to me by Jessica when she helped me revamp my blog. 

Having used CoSchedule for a while now I can say that it has helped me to 

  • Keep up with blogging while being back at med school
  • Brainstorm content ideas thanks to the post drafting option
  • Be consistent with my editorial line e.g. training recap on Mondays and beauty post on Sundays
  • Keep my Twitter and Facebook page active by scheduling shares (I barely have time to be on these platform during hospital days)
  • Increase my monthly page views

The CoSchedule plugin is really easy and intuitive to use, which is a big bonus as I did not have time to teach myself a new widget. It linked easily with my WordPress and Twitter, google doc, and there is also a Google Chrome extension so you can share content other than your blog posts as easily. 

Unfortunately, CoSchedule is not free. However, you can trial it for free for 1 months without having to put your credit card details and that’s a big bonus in case you sign up full of good intentions but then life gets into the way of blogging. Be warned though, there is no going back. Once you will try CoSchedule, you will not want to blog without it. I let my trial expire not thinking much about it but actually it does make a difference to my blogging so I have decided to upgrade to the paid version. 

I have tons of ideas for upcoming blog posts, my problem is organising them in something coherent and useful to share with you. I truly believe that CoSchedule can help with that and I hope that you will like what PeachyLau has in the pipeline in terms of content. 

Do you use an editorial calendar?

Do you have tips to blog on a busy schedule?

The link to CoSchedule in this post is an affiliate link, which means that I can get a small reduction off my monthly fee if you sign up. However, this does not change the fact that I love CoSchedule and decided to upgrade after my free trial.


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