Is running for fun compatible with race training?

Running fun  Provence France courir vacances  


I love running. I’ve met countless people via running and I love running with my friends and have a good catchup session. I particularly love long distance running and challenging myself to race half marathons and even marathons. My latest half marathon is in my top 3 of best half marathons because I had so much FUN (the top 1 is my first half marathon and my top 2 is the Bristol half marathon).

Lately, almost all of my runs have been with the Hill Killer Girls. We motivate each other and also keep each other safe when running early mornings/evenings. I have also been running with my Uni running group, B.U.M.S On The Run (yes, I like silly names for my running groups). Somehow, I have not been running much on my own. It seems like a chore.  I was in Provence for Easter weekend and ran twice on my own, focusing on running for fun, relax, enjoy the fresh air and scenery and I really enjoyed it. I listened to podcasts and really just relaxed.  Since being back in the UK last week, I did not run once. I am running the Run Hackney half marathon in a couple of weeks and I often think that I “should” be doing certain types of runs such as intervals, tempo runs etc and it puts me off. Or I plan such workout and then I procrastinate in my favourite way, by telling myself that the conditions to do one run is not as perfect as I want it to be (it usually comes down to me having less time than intended) and instead of adapting my runs and remain flexible when it comes to my training, I seem to skip the run altogether. 

All of this is in massive contradiction with the fact that a couple of weeks ago I was looking at marathons for this year. Yes, you have read that right. I miss marathon training (what is wrong with me?!). Reflecting a bit more on this, I think that I miss the focus that marathon training gives me. Right now I do not really have a goal and I seem completely lost by it. I am not really seeking becoming faster and getting a new PB, and perhaps therefore I should just run for fun, but on the other hand, it seems like a “waste of a race” to not try a bit harder as I can just go out and run 21km anytime. Therefore I should be training hard? I don’t know. On the other hand, without a race to train for I would not be keeping up with long distance runs and running the distance is an achievement in itself! 

Running fun  Provence France courir vacances race

Is this confusing to you? It is confusing to me. I don’t think that I will blog in the mornings again. I do not make sense without caffeine. Nevertheless, it’s been useful to write this mess down. I think that I am a girl who needs a plan, and that I need to make sure that my plan includes some “fun runs” not attached to any particular distance or time. 

In conclusion, lets compromise! 

Cool, well thanks for chatting with me, now time to get some caffeine! Have a good day. 


How do you get the balance of running for fun and race training? 

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