November goals- how did it go?


I cannot believe it’s December already. Time to see how I go on with my November goals.


1*** Become a morning person.

YES! I am definitely getting up early now (between 6.15am and 6.45am) and I think that I did almost all my workouts in the morning rather than evening. This video is absolutely brilliant to get some motivation to become a morning person. Admittedly, if I am not working out in the morning, I am not always very productive. Possibly because I have not used Jessica’s awesome template yet.

2*** Exercise 4 times a week minimum

Yep, I’ve done that one in the end I even ran more than once a week.

3*** Read a book

Ahem, nope. I did however read a few poems from Jacques Prévert. My dad offered me this book when I was a kid and I absolutely love it.

Jacques prevert


4*** Start my “French diet”

I have definitely been eating more according to my French diet and tried to eat my 5 a day. You can see a recent WIAW here. I will try to publish another one this week. 

Stay tuned for my upcoming December goals.


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