My post-marathon fitness routine

post-marathon cross training


Although extreme taper marked the 4 weeks preceding the Bristol to Bath marathon, I am more than ready to get back onto the exercising bandwagon now that this is over. I have no more races planed for 2015 and I intend to cross-train a lot to get my body stronger for 2016’s race season. 

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Here is what I intend to do for my post-marathon fitness routine.



I find that my body reacts really well to yoga and I intend to do a 30 days yoga challenge via the Pactster home exercising platform. Med school is getting incredibly busy with my first exam coming up in 3 weeks and I like the idea of doing a yoga session every morning to set my day right and force myself to be an early bird again.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 18.38.57

Sign up here: If you would like to join me for this challenge


BIKINI BODY GUIDE by Kayla Itsines

On top of yoga, I intend to do the Kayla Itsines BBG programme. I have started this 3 times in the past year but always gave up after a month as I thought that it was getting in the way of long distance running. Well this time I intend to finish it! Don’t be fool by the name, these workouts are tough! My two male housemates from last year did one of the workout with me last year and they hated me for it!

Two reasons why I want to do BBG: I genuinely  think that this programme includes great cross training exercises with lots of plyometric moves that can help me become faster on the track. Plus it has a dedicated upper body weekly session, which is an area that I really need to work on. Also, each session is 28min long and can be done from home or the gym. I do not really have time for more.

Then, there are aesthetics reasons. Put it this way, running around the hills in Bristol and then 2 months of cross-training in May-June gave me a peachy derriere and well, this girl wants her booty back! Lets not even mention my tiny arms that look like twigs. I feel like I have lost weight between the wedding stress and marathon training and I am ready to put more meat on my bones!

BBG bikini body guide Kayla Itsines



Of course I am also going to keep running! I have not ran since the marathon yet and today is the first day where I am really craving a run! What a great feeling! The past month I felt a bit under pressure to run and now I just want to run because I love it! Yay! I am genuinely so excited at the idea of going for a run tomorrow, you should see how hyper I am right now!


What’s your training regimen after a marathon?

What’s your training going to be like in November-December?

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