MoveGB review

MoveGB review


Last month, I was approached to review MoveGB and I had so much fun doing so.

What is it?

MoveGB is like a gym “Netflix”. Instead of a membership to one gym, your MoveGB membership gives you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy many different classes, activities and gyms in your local area. It is a Bath-based company and therefore many gyms in the Bristol and Bath area participate to the programme. 

My trial came at the right time since I stopped running due to my injury. Having access to so many classes was great. I went to a couple of yoga classes, pilates, Fusion FIIT and Puregym. The diversity helped me stay really active. I have to admit that I have not been to the gym as often since my trial stopped. On this point, I can only give kudos to MoveGB as it achieved its goal of keeping me active and having fun while doing so. 

The other point that I particularly liked about this service is that on top of having access to various studios, you can also have access to a regular gym or swimming pool depending on your price plan. I feel that this enables you to even more personalise your training and to hit the weight room, which all of runners need to do more often (not sure I can still call myself a runner considering my lack of running lately). 

Although MoveGB is not the only company to offer such concept, to my knowledge they are the ones that offer that many classes outside of London. I did not realise how privileged to live in London until I left London. I often feel that I am missing out and I was amazing to discover that MoveGB offers hundreds of classes in Bristol. 

Now, how much does it cost?

MoveGB has flexible price plans, starting from £1.25/week up to £24.99/week (in Bristol, this gives you access to 2 or 495 venues, respectively). So it really depends on you how much you spend. 

Do I recommend MoveGB?

Yes, I can only recommend MoveGB. It kept me active while not running and I had lots of fun doing so. Did I mention that the app is great too? I often booked my classes for the week on a Sunday night while on the bus between London and Bristol. 

Thanks MoveGB for my trial, writing this review is motivating me to start seriously exercising again. 


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