Mission becoming a strong runner recap #1

Kayla Itsines BBG leg week 4 mission strong runner


Welcome to my “Mission Strong Runner” serie. I miss writing a training diary so I thought I’d start again. I have looked at my blog archives in the past to reflect on my training and I would recommend to anyone to log your training somewhere so you can go back to it and analyse it. My mission since finishing the Bristol to Bath marathon (I have published the race recap here) is to focus on cross-training in order to become a strong runner for my 2016 race season.

As mentioned in this post, my “strong runner” training consists of doing the Kayla Itsines BBG programme as well as some yoga and some running. This Monday marks the start of week 5 of BBG. I am quite proud of myself to stick with it as I have started this programme 4 times in the past but it is my first time going beyond week 4. The hundreds of squats and lunges are paying off, my legs feel much stronger. However I need to up my cardio as running has felt shockingly difficult lately. Anyway, here is what my training looked like last week.


Mission strong runner 23-29th November

Monday: I started the day with 15min Yoga via Pactster. I did the Useful Yoga-Stress Relief video by Steffy White and it was the perfect way to start the day in a focused manner. In the evening, I did BBG week 4 arm and abs. I absolutely hate working on my upper body, however, I can do a couple more press ups than a few weeks ago so it’s paying off.

Kayla BBG arm week 4 mission strong runner

Death by Kayla, as they say

Tuesday: Lovely yoga video with Lissy again thanks to Pactster, which allows us to workout together despite being in two different cities. We did the Hamstring Heaven video.

Wednesday: Rest (read being lazy/unorganised).

Thursday: Week 4 BBG legs. So. Many. Lunges. And squats. I have a confession to make. I was shouting out loud the name of the Kardashian sisters as I was squatting to give me some booty inspiration.

Friday and Saturday: Rest

Sunday: I ran just over 10K as part of Steph’s London goodbye run. You know I like to be honest with you. Well let me tell you, I have NOT been enjoying running lately. It’s REALLY frustrating to loose your cardiovascular fitness. I had to stop 4 times in these first 4km!!! I actually wonder how I have managed to run the Bristol to Bath marathon over a month ago. 

mission strong runner winter running

Had I not been on my way to meet Steph, I would have gone back to bed.


mission strong runner winter running London

White socks, a fashion statement worn by tourists and runners in winter.

That being said, I think that I have also been finding it difficult to run lately as I seem to have lost my sense of pace. As most of you know, I stopped running with a GPS watch over a year ago, which led me to become quite good at judging my pace just from my breathing / the way I feel. Well on Sunday I felt absolutely awful and had the feeling to be slow while actually, my pace was in the faster range for me and Strava tells me that I PR on a couple of segments. I am 16 weeks away from my first race of 2016, the Vitality North London Half Marathon so I will just have to suck it up, get back in control of my pace and start running some more!

Oh before I forget. Health and fitness is all about balance. Some weeks I manage to get up and kick my own butt. Sometimes I don’t, and not only I eat pizza in my sportswear, I also post about my great week of training, while still in my sportswear , after eating pizza, still not having worked out.

How long is your “off season” between race training? Mine was 5 weeks

I get a small commission if you sign up to Pactster via my link.

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