Mission becoming a strong runner recap #2

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As mentioned in my previous post, I had a two weeks hiatus where I did not do much strength training but I put all my tips to keep motivated to work out together and got back on track on Christmas week. I will soon have to focus on running in order to prepare for the North London half marathon in March. In the mean time, here is the recap on my training to become a strong runner. 

Mission strong runner 21st-27th December

Monday: I still needed a bit of convincing to work out that day so I eased into it by doing a gentle yoga session before bed via Pactster

Tuesday: The BBG is back in my life and I did a 28min leg workout. Oh my days. My legs were shaking. I nevertheless have to admit that I quite enjoyed the DOMS the following day and the great sense of achievement after finishing this workout. It might take me hours to get mentally ready to work out, I might curse while doing it (want to learn how to swear in French? Come train with me!), but I never regret a workout once it’s done. 

Wednesday: I kept going with BBG but did the arms and cardio workout this time. It still definitely does not feel easier to do press ups or other upper body moves. I just need to keep going and think that a better core will give me a better posture and thus easier breathing when running. It’s all about becoming a strong runner, I’m telling ya.

barre home workout strong runner

Barre workout with mum – Sorry for the quality of the picture

Thursday: I convinced my mum to do a barre workout video with me. It was 15min and gave me a mini whole body workout. I finished it with some press-ups, abs and normal and side plank.  

Friday: On Christmas morning, the weather was my favourite to go running: sunny with no wind and fresh crisp air. However we woke up to a bit of drama with a bursted pipe and a flooded living room. After migrating to my grandma’s house, I still had time for a workout so I came up with a HIIT workout that I am quite proud off. It had a good balance of cardio, legs and core exercises and was done in 24min including rest times. I will share it with you in my next post. 

Village de Bonnieux foret des cedres

Bonnieux, the village I come from

Saturday: I was in the mood to work out some more but I did not have any clean fitness clothes to wear (what can I say, I travel light). Off they went to the washing machine and we went for a walk in a nearby village instead. My husband has been coming to France for many many years now but there are still lots of cute Provençal villages that I can take him to for nice walks. 

Sunday: I went on another walk with the rest of my family and in the evening I did my last BBG of the week, which was arms and abs. I still cannot do many press-ups on my toes but I think that they are a but easier on my knees now. 

BBG home workout arm and abs kayla itsines

I used my dad’s briefcase (5.4kg) as weights for my workout

If you also want to focus on running as from January and get from couch to 5K, sign up in the box further below to my FREE couch to 5K programme. 

What do you do to become a strong runners?

How many press-ups can you do?

I get a small commission if you sign up to Pactster via my ambassador link. 


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