Mini WIAW #12 Salade Niçoise.

Salade nicoise healthy eating


I do not always have the time to do a full WIAW so I think that I will keep doing the mini version.

I will totally plead guilty as to avoiding revising my neuroanatomy lectures. To procrastinate, I made myself this beautiful salad Niçoise, which was really delicious. There are many recipes for the salad Niçoise, this is just what I had at home/was craving.

** Some lettuce

** 6 cherry tomatoes

** 3 baby potatoes

** 1 boiled egg

** 1/2 tin of tuna

** Green beans cooked in garlic and red onions

** Red onions

** Capers

** I made a very simple vinaigrette using mustard, lemon juice, olive oil and a dash of maple syrup as I like my vinaigrette sweet.

This totally hit the spot. I’ve reached my 5-a day already with this lunch and it’s the perfect mixture of fibres, fresh greens, proteins and carbs. Plus since it’s quite cold outside, it’s nice to have a semi-warm lunch.

Have you have salad Niçoise before?


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