May Goals – Be careful what you wish for

Bristol sunset early morning run

Seen on a morning run

It’s May (say what?) and time to set up some monthly goals. I quite like this habit that gives me the opportunity to reflect.

First, lets see how I got on with my April goals. April was exam month and I mainly wanted to revise, maintain a good work/life balance, manage my stress, keep up my exercise routine and try to get rid of my FOMO.

Well, apart from the week when I was super ill where motivation to revise and exercise was a struggle, I think I managed the first 4 goals pretty well. I was quite stressed on the morning of my exams but that did not last too long. 

Managing my FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) was a bit more difficult. I started by removing all my social media notifications from my phone. At first it made things worse as I would check the apps more often in case I had missed a notification. At the peak of my revision time, I deleted the apps from my phone and asked a friend to change my Facebook password so I would not access it. I re-installed everything after my exams and I then damaged my phone and was phoneless for 4 days – be careful what you wish for. It was a real eye opener. I couldn’t believe the number of time I thought “I should instagram this” or “write this on twitter”. I actually enjoyed walking in the city with my head up instead of looking at my screen and people watching in public transport. People that wanted to get in touch with me managed to, and I actually took the time to write proper long catch up emails and have some Skype sessions instead of exchanging 2 sms.

I have a temporary phone at the moment and although I have not reinstalled notifications, I can see how I am already picking up on some bad habits again, like checking social media before going to bed or first thing in the morning. Being on social media helps drive traffic to my blog and has helped me to make numerous friends, but I feel that I need to find a bit more balance regarding my presence on it.

So what are my goals for May?

¤¤¤ Keep up my April goals. I’m back to revising for the next 4 weeks so it’s important that I maintain my cool and just get stuck in it. I think that I will need to make a particular effort with keeping up with exercising once the Vitality Run Hackney half-marathon is over.

¤¤¤  Prioritise. During exam time in April I completely focused on my exams and got a bit behind with some admin and cleaning up my bedroom. I think that I have enough time ahead of me this round to get on with my revisions and wedding planning (and perhaps blogging) and clean up my bedroom, but it will require some serious prioritisation skills.

¤¤¤ Sleep. During busy times, it’s easy to sleep less and up the caffeine. I must not do that this round, especially this week. I am on taper before Sunday’s race and need all the sleep I can get.

What are your goals this month?

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