Marathon training weeks 2 to 4

Hi Guys!

Three weeks without posting but three weeks where I have been running!!! So far, training is going very well! I have completed all the runs on my training plan except for one 5K run.

I have to give MAJOR credits to Anne, my work colleague and friend who is just amazing. She had never run and asked me 3 weeks ago if she could come running with me and has since completed all the training runs with me! That’s right, she went to know running to running 20K last week end in three weeks! And she is a tough cookie. When I did not want to run in the rain she just told me to put my hoodie on and get out to run! THANK YOU Anne!

Take that Rain

Take that, Rain

Also credit to the girls from Team Naturally Run started by Leah. It’s amazing to know that other girls are also preparing for the Paris marathon. I joined the team last saturday for a long run across london. Let me tell you, I was not a happy bunny on saturday morning when my alarm went off at 6h30! However I did not regret it whatsoever, the weather was amazing and Melissa had designed an amazing 16K route. I made it up to 21.3K by running to the meeting point and then running to the bus stop back home. We ran along the river, passed Buckingham palace, Baker street, Regents Park and finished in Camden. Here are a few pictures from our 01/02/14 run (all taken with the iPhone 5 while running lol).




We said hi to Lizzie…

IMG_1758 IMG_1760 IMG_1761 IMG_1763 IMG_1772


Running in Oxford Street….that was fun

The TNR crew

The TNR crew

Until next time

Lau xx


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