Links I’d like to share with you – April

Spring London cherry blossom

Pink snow


Here are some of my April reading that I’d like to share with you.


Protein World London tube

Photo credit: Huffington post

 You might have seen the controversial Protein World advert on the tube. Kathleen wrote a very empowering text about this campaign. What bothers me most about the Protein World advert is that we are forced to look at it in the tube while you are almost willing to be exposed to it when buying a magazine or following certain instagram accounts. I also want to highlight that these campaign are as problematic for women than men. I did a workshop in a drug rehab clinic Tuesday and most of the new services users they have are from people abusing steroids injection.

Charlie discusses how ANYONE can run a marathon (look out for her next post on the topic on why you don’t have to 😉 )

In this post, Leah takes us on a running tour in Tawharanui, New Zealand. I have no words, this place looks absolutely beautiful and I am committed to go one day!

Sarah has just signed up for an Ironman. I really like her attitude on setting up big goals for yourself. I have to say, I am always planing my next move/goal, it’s what keeps me going.

You have been following my Run Hackney Training. Most of my training is done at home and not at the gym. I explain how on Steph’s blog

Healthy eating

I’ve enjoyed reading Katie’s article on how much protein we need to eat. Since I am trying to eat more plant-based proteins, I always worry that I am not getting enough but after reading this, I think that I am ok.

♥ This is perhaps not the healthiest, but check out my olive bread recipe that was featured on Steph’s blog.


This “dictionary” on what British people say and what they actually mean really made me laugh! Being French, I am more from the “say what’s on your mind” camp and had to learn how to decipher British People. It’s fine it’s not.

This Buzzfeed on 18 Questions morning people need to answer is equally hilarious, whether you’ve been asked that question or you want to ask it to early riser.

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