Links I'd like to share with you #4

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Once again, my friends have been publishing some great articles.

 Jess goes through the controversial article published earlier this month and explains why jogging is NOT bad for you.  She also published a great article on stress management and why injury PREVENTION is the key.

Charlie shows us what a day in her life  is like and proves that organisation is key. It makes me reflect that I have the same 24h and that I could get more done by being a little bit more focused and organised.

Jess just turned 27 and reflects on the 27 life lessons she’s learnt so far.

Steph bakes and eats REAL BREAD and as a French girl, I can only approve. 

Claire shares her progress picture. With all the “fitspo” and summer bikini body diets starting, this is a very inspiring story.

Leah is finally starting her great adventure. I am so happy that I got to share some goodbye runs with her. I cannot wait to support her at the London Marathon.

Ashley did some research on running after stomach illness.

♥ Jemma compiled some awesome workout routines that can easily be done from home.

Caroline Hirons (I wish we were actually friends) summarises perfectly which beauty routine to adopt when you are exercising.

I hope you liked this selection. See you next month for another one.

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