Now that exams are over, let’s catch up!

Cornwall Newquay


I am finally on holiday for the next two weeks. What. A. Relief.
I am not going to lie, I have found this year of med school really tough. Between post wedding blues, starting hospital placements, being out of Bristol, it was a lot at once. I could not have gone through it without the support of my lovely husband, family and friends. The good thing though, is that I am SO looking forward to starting 4th year in September! I am excited to keep learning medicine and spending time with patients. And I am happy that I am happy about this as going back to being a student was a big career move and I am glad that although it is challenging, I am enjoying it. 

I would also like to say thanks to you too dear readers for still stopping by my little corner of the internet despite me not posting as often as before. I’ve actually missed blogging! I’ve missed the community. I’ve made so many great friends / running buddies in Bristol thanks to social media and I am mega grateful for it (get to know my running buddies better by checking my Hill Killer Girls posts).

So what are my plans for the summer?


* Get back into Parkrun and perhaps hit a new 5K PB at the end of the summer

* Run the British 10K with Lawrence in July! I am so happy that he signed up. He ran a half marathon with me a couple of years ago but injured himself so pretty much anti-running then. I am so glad that he is ready to give it another go. There are still a few places available, why not join us?

Home workout no gym


* I have not had access to a gym since January and although I do a lot of workout at home, notably via the Nike Training App, or the Kayla Itsines BBG programme, I miss going to a gym to have a different environment and going to classes. I am therefore on a hunt for a relatively cheap gym for the summer. 

* I really need to get back into yoga as being glued to my desk to revise has just left me with awful posture. It’s pretty shocking.


* Enjoy being in London and all the things you can do for free in London! Alas, my student budget will probably all be spent on transport so I will be on the hunt for student-budget friendly activities.

* R.E.L.A.X. It’s time for me to re-learn how to relax. I don’t think I have been relaxed since the first May bank holiday weekend where the first picture illustrating this post was taken. We went to Newquay, Cornwall, and it was such a great weekends. For more tips on how to stay fit and relax while on a weekend away, check out this post.

* Travel! We are finally going on our honeymoon!! Yay. I cannot believe that we have been married for almost a year already. At first I was disappointed that we could not go on our honeymoon straight away (we still escaped for a few days and had a “minimoon”), but on the other hand it is equally amazing to go one year after. It’s been something to look forward to.

homemade chocolate chip cookies homemade soda bread with soya milk


* I barely cooked during my exam period and I am looking forward to getting back into it. I had to leave some of my favourite kitchenware in Bristol for the summer but I am sure that I will survive without it! Do you have a favourite recipe that I should be trying? Send it my way!

* I have started making soda bread and I want to keep experimenting making different types of bread. Again, if you have any recipe to suggest, send it my way.

That’s it for now. I look forward to blogging more over the summer. 

What are your summer plans?

Disclaimer: I have been given a free entry to the British 10K.  


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