January Love Me Beauty Box

Love me Beauty january box


I little while ago, I reviewed a Love Me Beauty (LMB) box. Totally seduced by the concept of being able to chose the products that I would receive and therefore not be disappointed, I treated myself to a 3 months subscription for Christmas. Here is what I chose for my January box.

Nuxe Crème fraîche de beauté hydrating mask 

This mask only makes the box worth it as I got a full size product which retails at £18.50 and the box costs me £10 + PP. I love Nuxe product, I started using them over 10 years ago and then stopped when as it was not really possible to find them in the UK. I am glad to see that they are readily available now on Escentual, Boots and Marks and Spencer.

This mask is an absolute pleasure to use. It smells so good, very floral and will leave your skin nicely plumped and hydrated. I use it after the Nuxe scrub and remove it with the Nuxe lotion described below.

Monu Firming Fiji Facial treatment oil

I’ve been using more and more oil-based products in my beauty routine and I love love love this product. I use it in the evenings alone or underneath my moisturiser if I have dry skin and each time, I was so surprised by the results in the morning. Like I would look at myself half asleep and think “wow, you don’t like too shit this morning, how come?” and then I would remember that I had put this the evening before.

Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion with Rose Petals

I have only used this lotion to remove my hydrating mask. I love the smell of rose petal and this lotion doesn’t disappoint. I cannot comment on whether or not it is toning long-term as I do not use it regularly enough but I can tell you that it is not stripping at all and will not be harsh on your skin and ruin the benefits of a hydrating mask.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel hand cream

This hand cream smells very nice and does a good job but there is nothing too special about it. I would not buy the full size version as I think that there are some much cheaper ones out there that do a better job.

Nuxe Gentle exfoliating gel

I have been using chemical exfoliation lately but I just ran out of my lotion so it was a good opportunity to get a new exfoliator. Although very gentle as per the name suggestion, I would be a but wary about using it on a daily basis like I do with my exfoliating lotions. Love the rose petal smell and I use this before the hydrating mask (that’s my tip before using any face mask, make sure that you exfoliate your skin to enhance the effect of your mask).

Nails Inc Gel effect nail polishes

Well, you know me, I am a nail polish addict. I do love painting my nails and have done just that for the past 3 weeks as I had lectures and was not based at the hospital. These nail polishes are the bomb. Very shiny colours and fairy long-lasting even without a top coat. You can see me wearing the blue one in this post. I am currently on the train and do not have the names of the nail polishes with me but will find out for you.

Nailsinc gel effect

All in all, this Love me beauty box has been a success! I have not chosen my products for my February box yet but I will review the products in due time.

Do you like beauty boxes?

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