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Laureen Peachylau

Happy new year!

So my by book, I can still get away with wishing you a happy new year until the end of January. Plus, as you may have noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve been on this little corner of the internet that I call Peachylau.

Here is what has been happening: I’ve had a proper Christmas break, with no work (actually that’s a lie, I practised taking blood pressures on all my family, you should have seen my mum’s after a pipe bursted and flooded our living room on Christmas day…), I spent my first Christmas with my husband (first time in 7 years!), I really enjoyed spending time with my family, eating lots of food and exercising still. And then I focused on exams and moving from North Somerset back to Bristol. One fun thing with med school is that you change hospital every 6 months so you move house every 6 months…

Here is what I did not have the time to do:  I did not have the time to SEO the shit of every blog post I write, make sure that my content would be relevant over a long period of time, edit pictures, delete pictures from my phone because I never have memory, ask my husband to take pictures of me because I have no memory on my own phone. 

Here is what I should have done: Just write stuff on the internet because I had a lot of things to tell you. 

Why I blog. Did I ever tell you why I started blogging? Well I started reading blogs a long time ago, I cannot believe that some of them are almost 10 years old now. It was mainly fashion and beauty blogs. I loved sharing my new beauty finds. Luckily, I had lots of girlfriends into that sort of stuff so I did not have to bore Lawrence with it. Then I got into running and the Run to the Beat 2012 half marathon was absolutely awful. So awful that I thought that I really needed to tell people about it! That’s how I stumbled on Leah’s blog and her review ! So the same way Lawrence convinced me to start running, he convinced me to start a blog so I could share my new running adventures. 

What I gained from blogging: Friendships. Seriously, I cannot believe the amazing friends I have made through blogging. 

What I did wrong with blogging: I tried to turn “pro” and earn a little income from my blog. I started to really edit myself to share more professional content, only share certain posts on certain days. I thought that if I were to spend some time on my blog, I might as well try to earn a little from it because when you are a student on the new tuition fee regimen (£9,000) and you just got married, well there is nothing much in the kitty.

What I did right nevertheless: I have been using a few affiliate links, but always on products that I genuinely endorse, you have my word on that. I have also been refusing a lot of offers, especially for products endorsements. If I cannot try it beforehand, I cannot lie to you guys and tell you that it’s awesome! 

What’s going to happen in 2016? 

So what is going to happen with Peachylau in 2016? 

If you ask blogger coaches how to “make it” in the blogging industry, they will tell you that you have to have your reader in mind, think about what they want to read and all that. Well I want to blog about whatever I want to write. This means:

*** Running. Race training has to start now. Also I do want to prepare a couch to 5K programme for you guys. Yes I missed the new years resolution market but to be honest you can start running whenever

*** Cross training with Pactster. This is my favourite way to workout from home. Why not just go on Youtube to do videos? Mainly because their selection is awesome and the videos are of very good qualities. I have been working with Pactster for a year now and we keep working very hard to keep enhancing the platform (If you want to do a yoga class online with me, say hola!)

*** More recipes. So this is a tricky one as I do not follow recipes. I know this makes it very tricky for other people to reproduce what I cook but then again, what I cook is EASY and HEALTHY. To me, healthy eating is eating in a sustainable way. A way that you can make quickly and everyday without getting a headache. I don’t know about you but I am so over seeing sugar free, no gluten, no dairy, no fat, no tastes, costs a fortune and is a pain to make recipes that require a nutribullet and food dehydrator. Seriously. I don’t have more than 20min to spend cooking. If it’s the same case for you and don’t mind me saying “just put a bit of that” well stay tuned. 

*** More beauty chat. Just because I love reviewing beauty products ( I have a full draw at home) and I love talking about it and I have an interest in dermatology. Also my hair is so long at the moment, the longest it’s been in 10 years and I want to talk about that, I mean, I have long hair!

*** More old school blogging. I only see my husband at the weekend and during the week I need to study, eat, exercise, work on my running coach qualification, watch Homeland, clean my bedroom… Plus Grey’s anatomy is starting again soon and I will need to get on that too.  I do not want to make PeachyLau  a priority but I do want to blog so I will, but with poor quality pictures, typos ( not too many hopefully), food that doesn’t look good on my plate and a bit more randomness. 

I hope this is cool with you and that you will stick around. My friend Danielle nominated me for the UK Blog award and if you agree with her, please vote for my blog here.

If it’s not cool and want to read other health and fitness blogs, check out all the sporty ladies I follow on twitter, almost all of them blog and do a really great job at it. 

I better get to bed now as I am running with speedy Hannah tomorrow. If you hear someone screaming “I am a Hill Killer Girl” at 7am in Bristol tomo morning, it’s me giving myself courage to run these bloody hills.

Right, good night, come back soon


Laureen x


  • Georgina says:

    Brilliant post Laureen! Love it! You keep doing what you’re doing, and I look forward to reading it all 🙂 Oh and I’m also a Grey’s Anatomy addict… please catch up with the latest series soon so we can talk about it!

  • Emma @thephdrunner says:

    I tried to post this comment last night so apologies if it appears twice… I love this post. Please keep doing what you are doing, I like many others, really enjoy reading your blog. I tend to avoid bloggers who churn out content just for the sake of posting on a regular basis. I much prefer reading what you termed “old school” posts. I also prefer to read high quality, interesting posts (with the occasional typo and poor quality photos) and avoid posts with professional photos and poor/bland content.

    • peachylau@gmail.com says:

      Thank you so much Emma for the great boost of confidence. I shall continue to blog on my own terms then. Have a good day x

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