How to mess up your half-marathon training and my 2% solution

I am running the run to the beat half-marathon in less than two weeks. Urg. I do not feel prepared for it AT ALL!

My training started quite well. I was doing three runs a week: long, fast and interval plus some strength training. On the 30/7, I happily ran 9 K at a 5’48min/K average pace. It felt good, I felt strong, and confident that with more training I could run a sub 2h 1/2 marathon.

And then….I went on holiday. Of course I packed my trainers, but of course I did not run, I was not on point with my diet and partied something that very rarely happens. It felt soooooo good to escape from the PhD, that I gave up on my training. Problem is that I came back ill. I tried to suck it up and went on an 8K run on a rainy morning. Bad idea. It made my cold worse.

Trying to suck it up and go on a run on a rainy day. Not my smartest move (c)PeachyLau

Trying to suck it up and go on a run on a rainy day. Not my smartest move (c)PeachyLau

Picture of the park where I train. You can see a little bit of the Shard. (c)PeachyLau

Picture of the park where I train. You can see a little bit of the Shard. (c)PeachyLau

I’ve almost shifted my cold now (Liani, you might disagree considering that you hear me coughing all the time hehe) and I started running again. Last Sunday’s 10K was at an average pace of 6’39″/K…considerably slower. Once again, urgh.

SO, the plan now is to apply what I will call my 2% approach. There is no point in me running crazy amounts and risk to injure myself before the race, especially that I am suppose to taper this week. So instead, I am going to try to improve, by a minimum of 2% some other aspects of my training:

  • Sleep more/better
  • Better recovery i.e. longer stretching post run or cold bath (did this on sunday and it helps)
  • Keep diet on point, no alcohol and increase protein intake- started by eating Quorn
  • Do some core work daily
  • Focus on good form while running
  • Get good socks- I am looking at you stupid blister
  • Make myself an awesome running playlist for race day

I strongly believe that all these little things will add up to at least make race day less painful!

And to finish, a little mantra that I should print out in A0 format and put up on my walls:


What are your last minutes race preparation tips?


  • thisistilly says:

    I’m doing the run to the beat too, and like you, I DO NOT FEEL READY! I’m sure you’ll kick your cold in the tushie before the 8th! Good luck!

  • Leah says:

    Oh I know that summer cold and it’s AWFUL! I hope you are recovering ok. It sounds like you will be fine for RTTB, maybe a bit undertrained – but one way or another you will get through it. I’ll be at the 17km mark to give you jelly babies and a BIG cheer too!

    Good luck, and remember – there’s always that other half marathon that you have coming up! 😉

    • peachylau says:

      Thank you for your kind word Leah. Looking forward to seeing you next week for a sugar boost and some cheering. I’ll be the girl with the RTTB T-shirt ;P

  • fattymustrun says:

    So glad I found this. I too have messed up my prep for Run to the Beat. I went to Notting Hill Carnival and drunk too much Rum Punch. Its taken me close to a week to recover. I am also going to focus on my nutrition, sleep and hydration. I feel a little bit better now so thanks!!!

  • Julia says:

    Hope you feel better! I like your 2% plan…I tend to get myself injured when I get over ambitious. I read somewhere that it is better to show up at your marathon under prepared but healthy rather than over prepared and injured.

    • peachylau says:

      Exactly, I do not want to injure myself, especially because I have another 1/2 marathon coming up in October. Also I had to remind myself about your very true words on how we choose to be stressed. At the end of the day, I might be undertrained to run it under 2h but nothing says I cannot walk on race day if I feel tired! The pressure we can put on ourselves sometimes…lol

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