How to be eco-friendly while travelling

Today I would like to share with you a topic that I am passionate about but that I have never mentioned on the blog: ecology. I am not saying that I am perfect but I have a few eco-friendly tips that you might also find useful when travelling. 

How to be eco-friendly while travelling thailand environment

Little daily actions to take care of the environments have always been present in my family. We eat organic food whenever we can, go to the market weekly and bring our wicker basket instead of plastic bags to do the shop. My father has started a repair cafe in our area in Provence. Personally, I have been voted one of the top 50 eco-conscious blogger by Above Green. My top tip for them was to invest in a good water bottle! This way, you will avoid buying lots of plastic water bottles or use many plastic cups. My favourite water bottles are the Brita Fill and Go and a stainless steel water bottle. The former removes any taste from the tap water and the later is great to keep your drink cold or hot. 

Therefore, with that in mind, I was quite sad at the idea of having to cease one of my favourite way to help the environment while in Thailand. Indeed, it is better to drink bottled water overthere. I posted my predicament to the Living Consciously Crew, a Facebook group started by Zanna Van Dijk. There, one lovely group member told me “If there’s no way round it, then don’t feel bad. I always remind myself that I may not always get it right, but I’m doing the best I can x”.  What a great reminder! Like for my new lifestyle, it’s not about getting it perfect but doing what you can. It turns out that there are lots of other eco-friendly things that you can do when traveling apart from avoiding water bottles. 

Go paperless

No need for printed boarding passes or train tickets! Many operators have apps that you can use to do your check in and load your boarding pass. Similarly, hotels will accept the confirmation email of your booking without you needing to print it.

Reuse your towels and bed linen

Most hotels will now give you the option to reuse your bath towels. You usually need to hang them up as opposite to putting them on the floor if you want them changed. I never realised that hotels changed your bed linen daily either! I thought that they just made the bed! I discovered this while in Thailand and it is possible to leave them a note on the bed to tell them not to. 

Our hotel in Bangkok rewarded us for this and gave us a discount voucher to use in the hotel restaurant. 

hotel eco-friendly


Limit plastic when you can

You might have to drink from bottles water but there are still other ways to avoid plastic. For instance, you could get a big 6L water bottle to refill your small ones from. Another easy one to limit plastic is by saying “no” to straws. Using a “keep cup” for your coffee is also a great option.

keep cup eco friendly living consciously ecology


Say no to cotton pads

I use an oil makeup remover and bring face clothes with me when travelling. This means that I don’t need to use cottons when removing my makeup. My favourite one for travelling is the Pixi Double cleanse as it is 100mL, and contains both the oil and the cleanser in one pot. At home, I use the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Unfortunately it is not easy to decant. My other favourite cleansing oil is this one by Origins.  

pixi double cleanse eco friendly living consciously ecology travel

Use a mooncup

The mooncup is great. I have been using mine for over a year now and I would not go back. It is comfortable, super convenient and great for the environment. When travelling to remote places with poor transport and limited access to supermarkets, this is a game changer. 

Bring reusable bags 

I brought a couple of tote bags with us to avoid plastic bags when going shopping. 

 eco-friendly living consciously ecology travel reusable bags

Treat your hotel like your home

At home, most of us are careful to turn the lights off or the water taps when not needed. Sure you don’t pay the hotel bills but you can still do the same thing when travelling. Wasted water is wasted water, wherever you are in the world.

Respect the environment 

We went snorkelling in Koh Tao and it was so so so beautiful. We saw sea turtles and fish in colours that I never dreams off. Unfortunately we also spotted some plastic bags… If you are seeing something beautiful that you would like the future generations to enjoy too, pick up your trash after you and recycle it whenever it’s possible. 


In conclusion, it’s ok not to be “perfectly” eco-friendly all the time. The accumulation of small actions is still great for the environment.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” Dalai Lama XIV

Do you have any eco-friendly tips that you would like to share?

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