HAPPY NEW YEAR and my 2015 resolution



My sweet Provence

I hope that you’ve all had a smooth transition to 2015.

The new year can come with a bittersweet feeling. It’s easy to freak out. One year has passed and you realise that some things that you promised yourself would change in 2014 still haven’t changed (Hmmm I still don’t have a six-pack for instance, I am still not super organised and I can still get enrolled in a guilt/stress/procrastination pattern that is not healthy).

That’s why I prefer to focus on what went well last year, and boy, 2014 has been a busy year. An engagement, countless races including a marathon, officially finishing my PhD, quitting my job to go to med school and changing city? Clearly, I can achieve a lot, and I am super proud of all the things I have accomplished in 2014. However, I do not like the stress associated with all of this. Because then, you only remember the stress and not the good things. I have realised this a lot since starting med school. In fact, my most used phrase’s got to be “I am too old for that sh*t”.

Julia is a great inspiration to me. She is a mom, wife, physician and an amazing runner. When she was preparing for her board exams, she was blogging a lot about stress and her conclusion was that at the end of the day, you create your own stress. That sometimes you need to wake up early to fit everything in (she regularly fits her runs at 5 am or earlier if need be). How true. Of course I am going to be stressed about my upcoming exams if I procrastinate and don’t get on with it. I just need to get on with it. I know that what I am saying is a massive shortcut to how things work, but you get the spirit. I also think that it’s about accepting responsibilities fully. If I decide to revise less but spend quality time with my fiancé, family and friends, well I need to enjoy that, take full responsibility and not stress over it. Again, do you see what I mean?

I’ve been enjoying reading the resolution of many of my favourite bloggers. Thanks to some of them, I have discovered a concept started by Liz Goodchild, which is to choose one word that will accompany you in the new year. The word I have chosen is G.O.W.I


Sometimes, you need to roll out of bed and go for that run.

I’ve decided that in 2015, I will just Get On With It (clearly I couldn’t find a single word to summarise this but if you have a good one, let me know in the comments). Get On With It and stop wondering how other people do it, stop procrastinating and then beating myself up for it .

I am not knew to this sort of mantra. 2013 is the year when I created a song called Suck It Up. Great song to sing when you are stuck in the lab every.single.weekend feeding cells and you’ve just got to do it (Dimitra, this one is for you). G.O.W.I is different. It’s not about enduring a situation, it’s more about taking control over it to stop the negative guilt associated with procrastination.

With that being said, excuse me for not blogging in the next two weeks I have to G.O.W.I  and revise for my exams.

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