Gift guide for medical students

Medic gift guide

Considering that I am going more studying than running lately, I thought that I would create a Christmas guide guides for medical students. If you are looking for some gift ideas for runners, check out the one I created last year of my friend Steph’s one.

Gift guide for medical students 

Coffee / tea:

I think that most medic’s blood is made of caffeine so you cannot go wrong with a present that helps us keep are caffeine intake constant. I have to say, I really like these lumbar spine mugs.

medical student gift guide

1. French Press

2. Tea selection

3. Lumbar spine mugs for the days I love anatomy 

4. When studying becomes too much


If we are not drinking coffee, we spend a lot of time at studying at our desk (or a least should do), so you can’t go wrong with getting us stationary supplies.

medical students Christmas gift guide

1.  Syringe highlighters

2. Plaster sticky notes

3. I don’t think that the consultant will steal these pens.

4. I love my Passion Planner and I’ve got my 3rd one ready for 2017. Quote if you are buying one ! 

For the anatomy lovers 

You have to admit, the human body is fascinating and it’s always cool to know your anatomy.

scientist gift guide 1. Anatomy colouring book

2. Heart print

3. Skeleton bracelet 

4. Anatomy coaster

Food time

Most of my student budget goes on food…cooking and eating is the perfect excuse to take a break from studying. 

Anatomy gift guide

1. Medical school survival spoon for when you need to eat peanut butter directly from the jar.

2. Chopping board 

3. Brain ice tray

4.Lab flask salt and pepper


Part of succeeding in medical school is knowing when to relax and switch off a bit (ahem, I am still working on that myself). Several way of doing that:

geek medic gift guide 1. Brain pillow to get a good night sleep

2. Serotonin molecule  one of the happiness molecule. Why not put it on your wall ?

3. Exercise and produce some endorphins in these Muscle leggings

4. Sleep mask to really make sure you get a good night sleep 

5Watch Grey’s anatomy with “your person” (you can put wine in your mug). 

Do you know any medical students?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? 
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