Day 4, 5, 6 and The runners

Brief summary of day 4, 5 and 6.

Food:  2/3 healthy breakfasts, healthy lunch these past 3 days but I seem to indulge quite a bit in the evenings.

Exercises:  I have been running during my lunch breaks! 5.5K on wednesday and 9k today. Also I have decided to do 3 push-ups a day (don’t laugh, I cannot do one to save my life, even on my knees). I did them on wednesday but not yesterday so I will do 6 now before having my ice cream.


Speaking of running, I forgot how much I love running in the winter!!! I will leave you with this short film on runners that Leah blogged about a while ago. Here is the description:

Pounding the tarmac through the seasons, a band of runners are brazenly challenged with intimate questions as they pace their routes. Liberated from responsibilities, their guards drop dramatically, releasing funny and brutally frank confessions, and weaving a powerful narrative behind the anonymous masses.


Personally, when I am running I either find inner peace and can manage to not think about anything, focus on my breathing and enjoy the endorphins, or I find inspiration for my work and how I am going to design experiments. Also I think about food, a lot.

What do you think about?


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