From couch to 5K in 2017

Peachylau Couch to 5K

In the last post, we talked about a bit about New Year resolutions. 15 days ago, you might have decided that you wanted to me a runner. Is this still the case? Because if it is, I want to help you make this happen. I have designed a FREE 9 weeks couch to 5K programme. 9 weeks seems like a long commitment. It is, but that is because I want to gradually build you up to running 5 Km. The programme requires 3 runs a week where we will start alternating walking and running and gradually decrease the walking. 

This is a “one size fit all” programme and  according to your fitness level, should you find it too difficult or too easy, I am happy to help you personalise. Just send me an email at with “Couch to 5K” in the email title. 

A couple of advices to follow the programme:

  • I purposely do not indicate the days on which you should run this way you can make it work according to your own timetables.
  • Respect the warm up and cool down times, they are as important as the main run
  • Do not be scared of taking breaks. You are meant to walk in the first few weeks 
  • Decide on a date to commit to the programme and sign up for a 5K race or a free parkrun for 9 weeks later so you have a concrete goal to work towards. 
  • Commit to the runs into your diary
  • For more tips on running for beginners, check out this article that I wrote for The Performance Kitchen. 

Sounds good? Use the sign up form here or below to get the programme directly into your inbox, tell your friends about it and lets get you running in 2017! 

Lots of running love,


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