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It’s hard to make a come back with a light-hearted post after the attacks in Paris last weekend. All we can do is look forward and keep strong. I am certainly looking forward to my Christmas break so I can hug my family and let them know how much I love them. 

Thinking about Christmas made me compile a list of presents for the runners in your life (basically this post is dedicated to my husband so he knows what to get me for Christmas). 

A medal holder 

I absolutely love my medal holder (read my review here) especially as I have smashed all my PBs this year and have been able to update my board. Bring on 2016 race season so I can do the same again!

The good news is that you can use the code RUNHAPPY15 for 15% discount. 


Running themed Kitchenware

We all know that a glass of red wine is good for you, I want to start drinking mine from this glass!

Guilty! I am a special kind of idiot who needs to drink her coffee in this mug

Or in this mug for the mornings where I do not have much motivation

I might have to start eating porridge instead of bagels before my races so I can use this spoon  


Running themed Home decoration

running pillow

I love this pillow

Love this wall art print (Lawrence, can we please have this on our bedroom wall?)

running motivation ryan gosling

I like this one too (ahem).

For those of you who have been lucky to run the London marathon, you should get your loved ones to get you this for Christmas.


Running clothes and accessories

I have never worn compression socks while running but I certainly do after each race as I find that they greatly improve my recovery. 

I am not sure how great this material would be for running but I bet that I would run my fasted race in these leggings! I mean, who wouldn’t!

Haha, I might need to wear this T-shirt for my next marathon…

or perhaps this one?

On a more serious note, this is the perfect wedding present for a runner (hint hint)

And finally, if you read my blog, you know that I like ice cream a LOT, which makes this t-shirt a new basic for my wardrobe 

That’s it for now. All these items are from Etsy, I love how you can find unique gems on the site. If you are stuck for gift ideas, check out their Christmas gift guide page.

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What’s on your Christmas list ?



Photo credit: All the pictures were taken from the featured merchants
This post contains affiliate links, which help a poor student get her coffee supply.


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