Bristol Half Marathon training week two (and a sort of WIAW)

No WIAW post this week (don’t worry, there is still plenty of pictures of food at the end), but the recap of week 2 of the Bristol half marathon training. It was a disaster! Let me explain.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.54.52

Monday: The post-holiday blues hit me and I had absolutely no motivation. I thought that I would take it easy and do the thursday workout (30min run, strength training and stretching).  I procrastinated so much before finally leaving the house. I really had to remind myself of my goals and for some extra cheering up, I put my Paris marathon FINISHER t-shirt.


Excuse my tired face

It ended up being quite a good run. I guess that there is quite a bit of freedom in the plan I chose regarding distance and pace. I decided to only check how many Km I’d run after 15min (it was 2.5km) and to make sure to run the same or more in the last 15min. Negative split training kinda thing. Well it was a success and I managed to run the last 2.5 km with almost two minute to spare, so I jogged slowly to make it up to 30min. I then had a very yummy diner as a reward.

Total: 5.4km

I then used my hated beloved foam roller for a good stretch.


Confit Duck, broccoli and quinoa
















Tuesday-Sunday: Nada. Rien. Nothing. Or rather a lot of eating out, staying up late, pimms, spending time with my sister and best friends. I think I completely forgot how much organisation training requires as you need to fit your social life around the training and not the opposite. The best thing is to get up early to run, which should have been easy that week as my “time on feet” is not very long yet, but I just completely ignored my alarm.

On the bright side I had an awesome week and weekend and feel super happy and in love with my friends. Here are some miscellaneous pictures from the weekend, which I spent by the southbank or borough market for Bastille Day.

Friday-Bonnie Gull (Exmouth market)


The best fish and chips I’ve ever had.


Saturday- Southbank centre


Confit duck, confit onions, goat cheese and honey burger….I had a thing for duck this week.


Pure happiness. The kids were just super happy on this warm day.


We discovered a new roof garden by the south bank, perfect for pimms 🙂


les filles












Sunday- Bastille day @ Borough market

bastille day







with ioulia


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