Bristol Half Marathon training week 9 -back to some running

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Monday: I started week 9 pain free. However, I was still scared of running and the bank holiday rain was enough to put me off. I was nevertheless motivated to workout and I decided to do a couple of NTC exercises.

  • Stretch/foam roll
  • 15 min To the core workout, focusing on the core as indicated by the workout name
  • 15 min Lengthen and Stregthen focusing on core and glutes
  • 15 min Arm definer. Oh.My.Days, there were so many press ups in this workout. I am very week in my upper body and always try to avoid workouts that include press ups, which is exactly why I had to do this workout.
  • 15 min Full stretch guide to finish it all.

It turned out to be a good session! If you do not have the NTC app yet, I urge you to download it. It is free and enables you to do a lot of workouts with minimum equipment. Some of today’s exercises required dumbbells and a medicine ball but I found an alternative in my cupboards…

Tuesday: Travelling to Provence (yay)

Wednesday: First run in 10 days. My back was feeling better. I guess sometimes you need to listen to your body and rest when needed. I actually did a 800m sprint training as I was a bit pressed for time.

5min warm up, 800m easy jog, 800m walk/easy jog x3 and 1km run to finish and some stretching. The sprint intervals (4’06, 4’12, 4’07) were tough after 10 days of no running and I will try to improve my times next week.

Thursday: 30min NTC workout (fighter) and 3 x 10 tricep dips.

Friday: rest

Saturday: In the morning, I did a 10 min total body workout (1min exercise with 15sec rest in between)

  • Squats
  • Press-ups
  • Plyo lunges
  • Crunches
  • Calf raise
  • Tricep dips
  • Plank
  • Bridges
  • Side leg raises (1min each side)
  • IMG_4196.JPG

    Quick workout before lunch

In the afternoon I went to for a 5.5km run followed by a long stretch and foam roller session.

Sunday: rest

I am glad that my back did not hurt more. However I could definitely see how much I needed to engage my core during the speed training so I need to keep up working on it!

Not long to go now! Read my previous training recaps here.



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